While this busy city in the scorching sun is a dusty city; Then a torrential downpour of rain instantly sent a chill down the body. The touch of tranquility and the touch of cool air make you forget about the annoyance of some time ago. However, the sudden arrival of uninvited rain sometimes leaves pedestrians in a quandary. So you can keep your monsoon friends with you to face that time.

garden umbrella factory

The umbrella you see is a double head umbrella, this product cannot do anything in strong wind. The reason is that due to the double head, the air can move The size of this umbrella will cover an area of ​​8 feet by 8 feet. And the umbrella is very strong double ribs and sun proof water proof. So in this rain. For your rooftop garden. Or you can take it to the restaurant. Call this number to collect the product