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Sun or rain, umbrella be the company on The weather seems to have no direction. It was raining in the morning and the sun was shining in the afternoon. Regardless of the sun or rain, the umbrella must be taken with you before you go out.

For Fashion

At one time umbrellas were used to protect oneself from rain and sun, but now are one of the fashion accessories. Women as well as boys are now using umbrellas of colorful colors and designs.

Many people nowadays use it in combination with clothing. However, one should pay attention to the color and design as well as the purchase of good quality umbrellas.

As seen many times, The intensity of the wind makes the it a upside down making it an embarrassing situation to face. With this in mind during the rainy season, make a strong umbrella your partner. Otherwise there may be danger in the air.

The invention of the umbrella.

Umbrella is the English synonym for umbrella. Recently, however, two words, ‘brulee’ and ‘gamp’, have also been added.

Although we are familiar with the word, the words brulee and gamp are new. The word umbrella comes from the Latin root word ‘umbra’, which means ‘shadow’. The name umbrella comes from the Latin word togaija, which also means shadow.

There is controversy over who invented the, when, and when. Some say the Egyptians say some say the Chinese invented the umbrella. However, from the history of about four thousand years ago, it is known that there are patterns of umbrellas in the paintings of Egypt, Greece and China.

skin protection.

Umbrellas have been invented to protect the skin from the sun, but more are being used to protect it from the rain. Scientifically, the not only protects the body from the sun’s heat or rain, it also protects the body from harmful ultraviolet rays and protects the skin.


By the way,

torch lights on dark nights and umbrellas on rainy days are best friends. are not only useful in the rain, but also in the hot sun. In other words, it is better to keep an umbrella in the sun-rain-storm.

Buy and see.

It are made of different types of fabrics. However, made of parachute cloth or belbet cloth are of good quality. This is because such fabrics are not easily perforated and there is less risk of damage.

There are also several umbrellas that use two layers of fabric. In this case, even if the outer cloth of the is hot or wet on sunny and rainy days, the inner cloth remains the same. But as a buyer, everyone should buy quality, sewing, fabric and durable steel. Even if the price is a little higher, it will last for many days.

Umbrella Manufacturer Company The first umbrella factory in Bangladesh is Garden Umbrella. We have been working hard for many years for this organization, we have maintained this organization We work with big companies in Bangladesh.

Example ,

Rfl grup. boshundhara grup. We have gained confidence by working with them. We are moving forward with our warkar, as a result of this hard work stealing success today. We compete with big organizations of different countries. Not only that. We sell our products in China, Maldives, Bhutan, many countries.

From small to large, you will get all kinds of umbrellas, in a word all kinds of . If you go to any store across the country, you will find our umbrella. Our brand is one of the best.

From us, to promote your company, to advertise your company. You will get products at wholesale prices at very low prices. To make the wedding ceremony memorable, we can print pictures of your family or son-in-law in the umbrella.

if the wants to take the product for the rural area then there is a wooden umbrella for you. This product is made of teak wood and is very strong. Will not break easily.

There are many more items. 3 fold 2 fold. Manual strong. Etc. We strive to maintain quality in state-of-the-art machines and high-tech products. And we sell our brand umbrellas in the market after a lot of primacy. All our big products have warranty. So we are still one of the best.

garden umbrella factory
garden umbrella factory

Brand In Bangladesh

We basically sell big umbrellas. Such as for resorts. You go to a resort in the sun a lot, so you can not eat food sitting in the sun. So apply this umbrella so that the sun does not affect your skin. Again there are some beaches used There are a lot of obstacles on the shores of the common sea and tourists go there to visit.

travel rests under this big umbrella when the tourist gets tired. And can take for the swimming pool. You can use these products to make the restaurant more attractive to enhance the brightness of the restaurant. The roof of the house can take for the garden. We make Bengali umbrellas in our own factory.

Our import Chine from and market them. Now our Bangladesh is far ahead of all the countries of the world. We now prepare foreign products in the country And we bring it to you. Umbrella brand in Bangladesh has garden umbrella factory.

Products like red, blue, pink paste etc. are available in the market. Especially for the sun, the best color is black or white. Because in this color the sun cannot come through the cloth.

It is Price the umbrella.

The price of the umbrella may vary depending on the place and market. For example, the price of 3 folds is 200 to 300 rupees. And the price of 2 fold is 180 to 250 rupees. Then the price of bmw is 330 to 500 rupees.


The price of a capsule umbrella for fashion is 350 to 400. And the price of garden umbrellas. 8 to 20,000. Take a good look when you buy the product. Delivery system .Our Bangladesh is now much more developed and advanced than all other countries.


Now everyone is leaning towards online products. Now people are very fancy hard work is not expected in the market now. When you order online, it reaches you.

So why should we be behind when everyone is ahead. If you want to take my product, we deliver the goods in cash on delivery all over the country. And if you are far away, we will deliver the product to you as soon as you order, with the utmost care. If you want to take the umbrella, give the number given on the skin larn mor…

Umbrella Whole Sell bd

Now is the stop and sometimes to rain. The sky becomes very black and the clouds threaten to come. So it can rain suddenly at any time. So there is no option to keep an umbrella with. If not, burn in the sun and get wet in the rain. Then you can go after the danger It will be late to go to work. So you can always keep an umbrella in your bag or pocket at any moment.

Now you can tell me where to get such a small umbrella No worries. No one wants to use a long like before. In Now digital age, you will now find many types of small umbrellas such as capsules, which you can keep in your pocket. And you can use it in the sun at a much lower price or you can use the garden umbrella.

Umbrella factory owners, artisans and wholesalers of umbrellas and umbrella wholesalers in Chawkbazar said the umbrella market has become busier ahead of schedule this year due to the intense sunshine as well as early rains. Umbrella makers are busy with increasing sales of umbrellas. Umbrella making work is going on from morning till midnight.

So not only to survive the rain or sun, are now being used as a fashion accessory. There are transparent umbrellas at the top of choice.can be bought in combination with taste and clothing. Umbrellas of various designs and patterns are now available in the market. You will only get the umbrellas from us. If you want to take the product, visit our website or call. At the top number given on the skin. Learn more