Garden Umbrella Factory



Introdaction garden Umbrella Factory;It is an umbrella company and was established in 1988. We have been involved in this business for ages. Our fore fathers were in this business. And doing business, now our father and uncle are not sold, we have been running this company At the top of our garden umbrella factory popularity for a long time, we have been able to please the customer, we are selling the product just like the umbrella.

The customer is happy to receive our product. We are still the best company of all. We are one of the traders in Dhaka. We have gained a lot of reputation.And the big companies in Bangladesh, we have been able to give them quality umbrellas according to their needs.

Among them are vivo company Samsung, Akij Group Bashundhara oppo app. We work 80% of the big companies like this. Our products are of good quality and we bring the necessary items of frame shik rod umbrella from China to our own factory and make the product as per the customer’s choice, so the customer trusts us and we also rely on trust

Unamplyment; Bangladesh’s population density is increasing, unemployment is increasing due to population growth. Unemployment in the society is very terrible. And the lazy brain is the devil’s cage. So we also work with the unemployed who are unemployed they can sell our products from this company in cars or in companies or shops. In that case, unemployment will be eliminated in our country. Our country will be ahead like big countries. The country will improve. Apart from that, those who are unemployed can start business with dealer ship from us visit now Garden Umbrella Factory