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 Garden Umbrella Factory. Our company was established in 1998. We try our best to make high quality umbrellas, there are many young people and they have a lot of talent and old famous work people. There are many big companies in Bangladesh, garden umbrella factory is one of them. This company is a high quality company from all over Bangladesh.

Our native prodact are made in factories. Good quality umbrellas are made in our own factory. Large products have a 2 year guarantee. No one in the whole world guarantees that our company is the best company. Why our company has become everyone’s favorite. This company has gained popularity through our work. We import products and China parts directly from China.

And most Chinese goods are much stronger and more durable. The storm can’t do anything. This product is made in SS mataryal section We deliver all over the country in a short time. This product is also sold outside the country. Basically you can use it on the beach. You can also put it on the roof of your house if you want. It would be nice to see the brightness of the roof.

And especially our native garden umbrella is made in the country. This product is commonly used in street tea shops. Fruit shop, coffee house or swimming pool. We import these Chinese to Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Australia and our neighboring country India. If you use our local umbrellas you will understand how good it is. Believe me, don’t be discouraged.

We will not disappoint you. In return for trust, our company makes a variety of  goods, one of which is the Manual Stronger. Again, the Auto Open Closed . These umbrellas are imported directly from China. We make Bangladeshi big umbrella  in our factory. In this company you will find all kinds of  .

Manual Strong comes in many sizes like 22/24/26 inch, again traffic police umbrella is big size it is 30 inch, you can choose according to your need for manual  you can print 8 logos in 8 parts if you want or you can have 4 logos in 4 parts. Can print You can match 8 colors in 8 parts. According to your convenience and for the quality of the company. The manual is of good quality and 100% water proof. This product is very strong and lasts 4/5 years.

You can print the skin of your logo on the manual. Or you can print on a digital machine. Then there is the Auto Open Close Umbrella, this Auto Open Close product has many types of 2 fold 3 fold. Again, there is a difference. Prices vary depending on the quality of the low quality and the high quality. In Auto Open Close product you can print your company logo like we are printing 3 fold umbrella vivo samsung oppo etc.

You can print or print your company. Auto has 8 rib products which are printed and colored flowers. Again, the 10 rib products have colorful rainbows and great products of different colors. So let’s not look at this product which is very beautiful and attractive. The children are very happy to see these goods. It has many colors. The name of this product is Canton Umbrella. Basically these are made in our own factory.

You sell at the lowest wholesale price. Choose a garden umbrella. For your home garden tea shop or restaurant or swimming pool beach. Wherever tourists come and tourists can sit and rest. You can choose the garden umbrella of your choice. Here you will find all kinds of  from small to big, we sell everywhere from this factory, you can come to our office or factory and order things.

The way you will benefit. After we order your product, we will deliver your product at your own risk. Multicolor is very beautiful to look at, such as red, blue, yellow, purple and pink. There are many more colors, you can choose the color of your choice, whether the product is small or large coloring. Very nice with rainbow colored umbrellas. We sell at very low prices in the market as we are ready in our own factory.

The lower the price, the better. We offer low price sales because it is made in the country. Another name for the umbrella world is the garden umbrella on your roof. For gardening, you can use umbrellas for tea shops. Very good quality umbrella at low price means good garden umbrella. We sell umbrellas at wholesale prices. If there is wholesale price, we make good quality umbrellas. Every year we sell our umbrellas all over Bangladesh.

Because our famous. You can take a colorful umbrella or ad to look at our company and match the color with the sweetness of your mind. . This is why this factory has become the best, we can see everywhere social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube are popular everywhere. We serve our company with the utmost efficiency. Only those who have attained worldliness are left here. We have full-time service people at your service.

Thos who used Umbrella.When the invention of the began in China, the use of umbrellas was restricted to girls only. Men, however, started using , much later. And although it was a thing for girls to use, not all girls could use an umbrella in the beginning. Only women from aristocratic and financially strong families used umbrellas.

Umbrellas were a social influence, a symbol of prestige. Since umbrellas were used by girls, they were not used by boys. Do you know which man used the umbrella in public for the first time? An Englishman. Name, Jonas Hanway. Men in Europe started using umbrellas after seeing him. Ever since men used umbrellas, it was no longer just a thing to survive the sun.

Rather, the umbrella became one of the weapons of self-defense! Bulgarian President Georges. So start using this product. Now it can be seen in the hands of Saba. Different types of product quality have come out.

Whichever way you look.The umbrella you will buy will have to be bought with a good look at the fabric.
See if the handle part of the umbrella is durable and strong.If you want to buy a tip button umbrella, then you have to check whether the tip button of the umbrella works properly or not.

Each Check whether each rod of the umbrella is fitted properly, open and close it repeatedly.On The iron shackles are attached to the top of the  with thread. We have to see if those stitches are in order.If any you have an  inside the packet, you must open it at the time of purchase to see if each rod of the  is properly attached to each other.

 Umbrella covers must be taken care of. If the  gets wet after use, it should be kept for a while, then the water should be drained and then folded and kept in the umbrella.
The  can be kept with the  at all times.
 Fashionable  for girls often have bead or lace designs. At the time of purchase, care should be taken so that the design does not get damaged in the rain or water gets leaked through the hole.
When closing the , each part of the  should be folded and arranged, otherwise the iron rods may break.Buy an umbrella that covers your whole body.

Pricing.Bargaining varies in different markets of Dhaka. Long, medium, small and assorted colors are available in the market. There are also small umbrellas designed for children in cartoons of different colors. There are various fashionable beads or lace work for girls.

For adults, there are medium-sized or tall ones. Long of different colors for little ones will cost 95 rupees, different fashionable girls will cost 240 rupees, there is a medium size one color or pressed design. It will cost 240 to 300 rupees. The price that can be folded will be 300 to 400 rupees.

Cloth.How to recognize good things in the market At one time, people only knew black cloth umbrellas made of black cloth. The day has changed. Everything has a touch of modernity. As a result, everything has changed in this era. Now available in the market small-large, medium size of different colors. Even for boys, girls and adults, there are beautiful designs.

In our country, importers bring umbrellas from different countries and market them under their own names. Cherries come from China. Martin, Garden umbrella was brought from Myanmar. Domestic brands are valued. Made with different types of cloth. However, it is made of parachute cloth or belpack cloth of good quality.

This is because such fabrics are not easily perforated and there is less risk of damage. There are also several that use two layers of fabric. In this case, even if the outer cloth is hot or wet on sunny and rainy days, the inner cloth remains the same.Buy and sell good things, and get the best quality. Stay away from fakes. Blessed to be buying local quality  things.visit mor datils