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Garden umbrella price in Bangladesh. All kinds of umbrella available here . Umbrella shapes were large until the eighteenth century. The weight was too much. Because then umbrella rods were made with wood or whale thorns. The handles were made of gold, silver, leather, horns of different animals, cane, ivory, etc. In 1988, the British industrialist Samuel Fox I made an umbrella with a thin steel bar. The umbrella is lighter than before. As a result, it becomes easier to carry. The  first best 3 folding umbrella was made by Hans Haupt in Germany in 1920. And it got a huge response. Polyester umbrellas were made in 1970. In this way, various improvements have been made to the umbrella over time. Variety has come in the color and design of its fabric. Added various technological facilities. Our garden umbrella manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Agueda, the city of umbrellas
The city of Agueda in Portugal can be called the city of umbrellas. There are colorful umbrellas hanging on some of the streets of this city. So that people can walk comfortably in any weather of sun and rain. Hundreds of colorful umbrellas were hung on these streets in the city of Agueda in 2012 as part of The Umbrella Sky project. And many tourists from all over the world go there to walk on those light and shady streets covered with colorful floating umbrellas. Some trivial things become especially necessary in time. One of them is the umbrella.

The sun has protected us from the rain from above our heads, I am that umbrella I am an object that people find very insignificant in their own eyes. gain, that very trivial thing is sometimes considered as one of the most necessary things for human beings. I am very insignificant to people, again an umbrella that is very necessary especially in time. My place in people’s lives is always above their heads. I protect people from the sun and rain. But I personally am not an umbrella in any very ordinary way. I will definitely explain why in some part of this report. But my initial identity was that I was an umbrella. I serve people all the time with my life.

The sun that man cannot bear, I constantly burn in that sun. The rain that soaks people, I stand on people’s heads and soak in that endless stream. Even so, after coming home, people took extreme care of me. I lay in the corner of the room with great contempt. Only after the need of my search.

The history of the umbrella:
We especially need to discuss the history of the umbrella nation. There are different views on the origin of umbrellas in different quarters. Some people think that our origin is in China about 4000 years ago; Some people think that ancient Greek or Egyptian civilization is our first origin. But wherever it originated, people used us for the first time, not to protect us from the rain, but to protect us from the heat of the big sun. the history of our umbrella nation is very ancient and glorious in this world At the request of a special person from Calcutta, that artisan made me with great care. My body is made of beautifully designed waterproof fabric and silver handle on the bottom on the wood. Thus one day at noon I first met the hands of a handsome man.

Our look around the world:
In this world, just like human beings, our appearance is different. Umbrella makers in different places give us different forms by using their own artistic essence. Somewhere the umbrella is big, again somewhere or our form is small and beautiful. Some where in our body is used wooden handle, somewhere or metal handle is used. Although we are usually used to protect from sun, water and rain, we help people to avoid snowfall in different cold countries. Again we use it in many places like beach umbrella. Best wind proof logo print umbrella in bd As soon as it rains, the umbrella comes out. If something enters, then nothing comes out. If Archimedes did not enter the basin after the towel, would such a truth come out? This is the worldly law. If the disease enters, the money will go out.

When the medicine enters again, the disease will come out, when the knife enters, the blood will come out, when the winter comes, the sweater will come out, similarly, when it rains, the umbrella will come out. Causal relationship. But yes, when it rains, some more come out with umbrellas. E.g.Yet nothing is as nostalgic, romantic as an umbrella. The rain and the umbrella are like a pair of tabla and santur. Umbrella rain can never be imagined! Rainy days were not an option, could not be. The umbrella is like a father. It will be hidden from the sun and rain till the last day. Earlier in the day, fathers or patriarchs used to say, “Think about it. The father is still alive, not dead. ” Standing outside the house, Kabuli Wala, who had come to collect interest for the remaining two months, was smiling. I don’t care. Halat-punchar keya hua! The mentality of fighting with one’s chest is awake like Aquarius .Even if the leaking umbrella leaks water, that is the hope.

The umbrella cloth of Tamang, the elder brother of our babu, did not leak, but it was never lost. Umbrellas are fighting with storm water, will fight. Leakage, but I hope there is something on the head. However, those classical umbrellas are not the folding of the latest fashion at all. Umbrellas are the most reliable ones that are essential in battle, in the forest, in the water, in the woods, on the playground, in the middle of the night to chase the stray dog, to hide from the creditor or the wife or husband or both during adultery. The umbrella of bamboo, thick shik, is like the court of a great slave. Heavy weight on the side. If the wooden part is Manna’s ‘Gori Teri Poyjania’ then the steel part is Gay Kishore Kumar’s, ‘Mere Nayana Shaon-Vado’ and is The Rockstar.It is not right to stumble when singing.

Still umbrella , he has no choice. Umbrellas are loyal friends. Usually does not humiliate. However, since not everyone is a burnt-out Chhatrapati, some are husbands, so most of the Tarakan’s umbrellas often leave their noses and nods. Similarly, one  haru pal. Umbrella armpits went to see the game in the stadium for the first time in his life. At the entrance, someone shouted, “Oh Haruda, there is no use for umbrellas. Can’t open. Come home. The game is on. When the tension was extreme, it suddenly rained. And with the reflex action, Haru Pal, Pella size K. C. Pal sailed.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, my spectacles,” Haru Pal did not find the rhythm in the front row when the umbrella pole hit the rimless person next to him. There was no time to say “sorry”, two letters coming from all around, a four-letter torrential rain, Haru was instantly raped and released, As soon as Haru got up and turned around, he reached out and raised his hand to press the lock of the umbrella in this ‘broken-rimless’ chance. And just in time. The spectators burst into excitement, shouted “Go-Oool” and snatched Haru’s umbrella. He started flying. Standing in the pouring rain, the wet-crow Haru could see the umbrella in his hand wandering around the gallery. When the baton of the relay race came back in hand, it was no longer an umbrella.

The roof is gone. I saw only one person in my life, a fancy umbrella. She is our Banerjee. Umbrella archive at home. There must be twelve umbrellas. There are five personal umbrellas in stock. Three out of five are ex. A folding .Its one imported again. Bought from Hong Kong market. Thin steel butt. The black silk fabric is mixed as it looks. Made-in-China. The circumference is about forty-eight inches. Double spring. Soundless unveiling as soon as you switch. If we have to talk about the care of the umbrella, then let’s listen to the two extremists. One is Sukalyan Banerjee, the other is Kam pay interest, a fishmonger in our neighborhood, Haflungi- Nageen Saha. Lungi whose knees never left in life. Aga’s steel cap disappears in two months as he goes to  with an umbrella in the street. The clothes are falling from the shik and are falling. Nanto Shik’s reckless tip is crowding behind him like a barbarian.

Nagen has no eyebrows.There is no such thing as when the rusty rod of the open umbrella hanging on the shoulder in the sun has painted the shoulder of the fatwa that was born in the past. When it rains, the dripping water soaks the tupan, Nagen’s thin hair and fatwa’s shoulders. When the wind blows reverse-swing, it stumbles. Meanwhile, Shukla Banerjee’s umbrella never touches the ground again. Elite class. Close the umbrella and fold the elbows. As soon as he returned home, he fell behind the cupboard. And as soon as it rains, the jute is folded with all care, and the sheath is taken up inside the drawer. A little stitch was opened and it was immediately repaired. And because of this care, Banerjee has not bought an umbrella for the last five years.

Chaib in business, in famine, in state revolution, umbrella friend, best friend. Umbrellas are essential in mourning. Has anyone seen Shraddha or Pujo giving raincoat? I don’t know if the Purohit Kalyan Samiti will amend the constitution in the future. However, apart from famine, the role of umbrella in the state revolution is also immense. Processions, meetings, slogans under umbrellas. If you want to jump, you can rely on umbrellas. Once upon a time in school life, when a game was played with the eternal enemy Boyz High, the unwritten instruction was to go to the field with an umbrella to watch the game. Because whatever the result, at the end of the must be. Umbrella reliance to handle the opponent’s beating. After losing the umbrella, Harida faded up and gave up taking the umbrella. Senior grandfather of our college hostel. When it rained, Vejatai would return to the room as a bathing suit forever. And how could one of my cousins ​​feel insecure without an umbrella. Because on the way home after finishing tuition, the nerds of the road would follow Mama for some unknown reason.

And all the way back to the house, with the dogs at Umbrella Point, hat-hats, his casual beating-retreat. One day, when the dog’s cruelty was out of bounds, Teriya slammed the umbrella in front of the dogs so much that after that day, even if they made a noise, they would not back down.I am ending by listening to one last gossip about umbrella. Many Bengalis call umbrella umbrella. The chest is also different from the chest. Once upon a time in the tea garden, some babu-maijira used to go to the market in the city with servants behind them. Servant handling the bag. One day the wife of a great grandfather drove to the market. A simple kid with an aboriginal boy.

A polite woman is shopping with an umbrella. He buys things and says, “Mongru saman tho bhar lo.” As soon as the bangs were opened, he said to the boy in a soft voice, The child stood up in shock.Again he said, “Hey, come first. Hold the bag and hold the chest! ” Yet he looks at her face with a yes. At last he came to himself and said, “You don’t hear what Kya is saying, grab the umbrella quickly.” It is not necessary to say what happened in front of the clean people of the market.

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