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Manual Strong Umbrella.Umbrellas were invented about four thousand years ago today. Exactly where and who first discovered it is debatable. Some say the Egyptians discovered it first and some say the Chinese. However, patterns are found in paintings of ancient Egypt, Greece and China.

At first they were used to protect the mselves from the heat of the sun and women were the main users of umbrellas. However, the Chinese first started using umbrellas to prevent rain. Although the story of the discovery is very old, it was much larger in size and heavier by the eighteenth century.

Since the rods were wooden or whale thorns and the handle was about one and a half meters long, the average weight of the umbrella was higher, approximately 4-5 kg. The English word ‘umbrella’ is derived from the Latin word “umbra” which means shade or shadow.

Although discovered about four thousand years ago, umbrellas gained some popularity in the early sixteenth century in the rain-fed areas of northern Europe, especially in London. However, only women used this time.

There was no use among men. The Persian tourist and writer Jonas Hanway accompanied the umbrella on the streets of England for 30 consecutive years to popularize it. He was the one who popularized the use among men in England.

That is why another name among the English is ‘Hanway’. At one time, both men and women made the umbrella their constant companion through Hanway’s efforts. The world’s first umbrella shop, James Smith & Sons, opened in 1830 and is still operating at 53 New Oxford Street in London.

In 1852, Samuel Fox made a steel rod for Queen Victoria. The use of umbrellas is widespread in England, especially in London, where it rains heavily. For that reason London is known as the city of umbrellas.

At one time many countries of the world were colonies of the British. And because of that they could collect raw materials from different countries and make them at a much lower cost. At that time they made umbrella handles out of gold, silver, leather, horns of various animals, cane and ivory.

In 1815, a Persian named Marius claimed credit for inventing the pocket umbrella. Then in the nineteenth century various designs and easily carried. In 1852, a Parisian named Gage or Gade invented the automatic opening method with the help of Swiss.

In 1920, Hans Haupt, a man from Berlin, Germany, made some innovations in making umbrellas. He made the small size easy to carry in the pocket. This time was also very much appreciated as a gift. Towards the end of the twentieth century another kind of change took place.

Once it was black, but now it is being painted. Many attractive designs have come in the market using aluminum, fiber glass etc. Separate switches for automatic opening and closing have caused a stir among the people.

Umbrella fabrics, colors, sizes and designs have undergone many changes. In the eighteenth century, it was used to protect from rain, but now sun or rain is being used all the time.So now it is used by everyone. People all over the world know how to use it.

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